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Set of Brick Mosaic Art pieces showing Michelangelo's Mona Lisa, a T-Rex Dinosaurs, The Flash, a Dragon, a baby, the LA Dodgers Logo

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New Arrivals - Brick Mosaic POP ART

Pep up your space with fancy Brick Mosaic Pop Art. Our unique RELIEF mosaic style creates an amazing three-dimensional effect upon your wall. SUPER! YES!

Click - Pop Art - to browse the full Brick Mosaic Pop Art line with over 20 products and more than 120 product variations. 

New Arrivals - CITYSCAPES

Bring the big wide world into your home with our Cityscape Brick Mosaic Art. Our unique RELIEF Mosaic Style creates an amazing three-dimensional representation of  exclusive Wall Art. 

Click - Cityscapes - to browse the full Brick Mosaic Cityscape line with over 30 products and more than 75 product variations. 

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