Unique Design for your Space or as exceptional Gift

Beautiful Long Lasting Colors

All Genres, All Styles, All Sizes

Engaging Visual Effects

Easy & Relaxing Fun with Family & Friends

You have the Fun and the Space. We have the Parts and the Plans.

We love Brick Mosaics because they are unique, colorful, and durable pieces of Art that come in all kind of styles and sizes to perfectly fit wherever you want to place them. For yourself or as a unique gift to leave a lasting impression.
So, we created a mosaic set that perfectly blends plates of all sizes and colors into a fun, fast, Tetris-like experience that goes way beyond the tedious counting exercise simplistic mosaics made of 1x1 tiles deliver.
Since we are using standard LEGO® compatible plates you can extend any Brick Mosaic with your own ideas by adding some extra parts you have at home.
Beautiful, entertaining, and educational. What more can you ask for?