Design Your Very Own Brick Mosaic Art Masterpiece

Wall in a living room with a Custom Brick Mosaic Design hanging at the wall illustrating "Your Design Here" 

Turn any image into a unique LEGO® compatible Brick Mosaic Art Masterpiece

| Real quality EU & USA certified multi-size plates instead of cheap 1x1 tiles. 
| Shapes far beyond square.
| Sizes far beyond tiny.
| Styles far beyond flat.
Colors far beyond LEGO® Mosaic Designer standard   

The Mosaic Build Plan is FREE to get and yours to keep.

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Real plates of different sizes and colors instead of tiny 1x1 tiles.

This creates an easy, safe, and fun Tetris-like pattern navigation - instead of an endless re-counting and re-setting experience. 

While using 1x1 tiles is kind of OK for a 48x48 gimmick, it is a tedious experience to count, set, and re-set 10.000 1x1s for a medium sized 100x100 mosaic.

Impossible to navigate. Frustrating and repetitive to mechanically count row-by-row. Unforgiving for your fingernails. 


Plates in 30+ vivid, highly durable colors.

brickplicator Brick Mosaic color palette containing 30+ higly durable and vivid colors.
Our web app supports AI-powered color matching, optimizing, and previewing of many artistic color filters and pre-sets.

No need for hiring an “expert designer” before you build.

Every ”full color” mosaic in just 5 colors looks bad.

Matching an important image to a limited color palette can be a challenge.


Going beyond Standard. Our Mosaic Styles are ...



Different images require different mosaic styles. Imagine having a single-color background image where the background typically covers 1/3 of the image.In a 100x100 format this means that you are putting 3333 1x1s without adding any value to the mosaic. Frustrating, time consuming and expensive.


Color Relief Brick Mosaic of a cat portrait

We added Relief mosaics that use base plates in 10 colors to make your background shine without having to place any parts. They even add a third dimension to your mosaic for an impressive structure effect. Saving time, money and fingernails.

 Many sizes shapes

Collection of brickplicator brick mosaic art demonstrating the variety of different sizes and shapes of brickplicator brick mosaic art
Since the vast majority of photos is not square for a reason. And your mosaic should not be forced in a box, we combine any number of interlocked 50x50 base plates to any mosaic size. From gimmick to giant wall art. In any shape. 3D-printed transparent connectors designed by xplicator specifially to interlock base plates on the back side with each other resulting in XXL large and stable Mosaic Build Plates.
Solidly held into place by transparent 3D-printed connectors developed by xplicator specifically for this purpose.


Certified quality is here to stay. 

Graphics of Toy Bricks falling down

We only use real plates certified for the EU and compliant with the American and European Standard on Safety of Toys. For a long-lasting mosaic, and a long-lasting friendship.

Toy Bricks of different sizes falling down

Creating a gift that falls apart shortly after you leave the party or that drives the gift receiver into insanity negates the purpose.    


Check out How-To-Use the Brick Mosaic Designer


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