What items are contained in a Brick Mosaic Art Set from Art4Bricks?


Every Brick Mosaic Set you purchase in the Art4Bricks eShop contains:

  1. An electronic version of the colored Brick Mosaic Build Plan that contains detailed instructions how to assemble your Brick Mosaic Art. The Build Plan will be mailed to you together with tracking information and status of your shipment to the email address you entered in our eShop during the checkout process.
  2. All Color Plates and Base Plates necessary to assemble your Brick Mosaic Art Masterpiece. All Mosaic Plates are sorted by color.
  3. 3-D printed connectors, specifically designed (1) to interlock the 50x50  baseplates on the backside with each to get a rock-solid large build plate, and (2) to hang your final final Brick Mosaic Art Masterpiece on the wall.
  4. A separator tool that helps to easily remove a misplaced brick from the buildplate.